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Tumi Ele Lyrics| তুমি এলে |By Aratrika | Folk Studio

Tumi Ele (তুমি এলে) is a melodious song sung by Aratrika Bhattacharya. Lyrics of Tumi Ele and the composition of the song was done by Anjan Majumdar. If you are finding the lyrics of the song, you have come in the right place. So, let’s enjoy Tumi Ele (তুমি এলে) song lyrics by Aratrika Bhattacharya. … Read more

Janala Khule Dao Lyrics |জানালা খুলে দাও|By Iman Chakraborty

Janala Khule Dao Lyrics (জানালা খুলে দাও) is a song full of melody sung by Iman Chakraborty. Santanu Ghatak has composed the music and also has written the lyrics. Akshay Menon was the music producer. So, let’s enjoy the lyrics of Janala Khule Dao song by Iman Chakrabarty. Song Credits Song : Janala Khule Dao … Read more

Kolonki (কলঙ্কি লিরিক্স) Song Lyrics by Kishore Palash, FA Sumon

Kolonki (কলঙ্কি লিরিক্স) Song Lyrics by Kishore Palash, FA Sumon is a masterpiece from Bangladesh. Pagol Hasan has penned down the lyrics. Tune is also by Pagol Hasan. Nusic by F.A Sumon. The sonbg is starring Nasir , Mim , Salauddin. So, enjoy Kolonki (কলঙ্কি লিরিক্স) Song Lyrics in Bengali and English font. Song Credits … Read more

Tomari Karone lyrics

Tomari Karone Song Lyrics ( তোমারি কারনে ) by Akhi Alamgir, Asif Imrose, Ariana

Tomari Karone Lyrics ( তোমারি কারনে ) is a mesmerizing song from the House of SS Music Club. The singer is Akhi Alomgir. Fazbir Taz has given the tune for the song. Anurup Aich has written the lyrics of the song. Asif Imrose and Ariana are the cast of the song. Let’s enjoy tomari karone … Read more

Porichoy Lyrics anupam roy

Porichoy Song Lyrics (পরিচয়) by Anupam Roy

Porichoy Song Lyrics (পরিচয়) is a breathtaking song. The Song Is Sung by Anupam Roy, a renowned singer from Kolkata. Nijer Porichoy Nijer Bhashay Khuje Nao Song Lyrics is written by Anupam Roy himself. Piano, organ and programming by Nabarun Bose. Recorded, Mixed And Mastered by Srirup Chatterjee. Enjoy the full lyrics in Bangla and English Font. … Read more

Bristi Lyrics

Brishti lyrics (বৃষ্টি) Shafiq Rasel, Afrii Selina, Asif Imrose | G Series Music

Brishti lyrics (বৃষ্টি) is a new song by Safiq Rasel. Lyrics & Tune by Shafiq Rasel himself. Syed Kamrujjaman Sujan is the music composer of the song. The song is starring Afrii Selina & Asif Imrose. Monjurul Haque Monju is the director of the song. Download Brishti lyrics (বৃষ্টি) mp3 in Bangla and English Font. … Read more

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