Hate Kori Joton Kore Lyrics- The song Hate Kori Joton Kore is a remarkable composition, with Mahmudul Hasan Romance delivering a touching performance as the singer. The Tune Curry-based band provided the rearrangement of the beautiful music, while Rajib Ghosh’s guitar adds a depth of feeling to the piece. Dhiman Rahman penned the lyrics, and Ankur Mahmud did the music rearrangement. The music video’s starring roles were played by Ashraf Ahmed, Ghaus Khan, and Lamia, bringing the emotional impact of the song to life splendidly. The music video itself was directed by Eagle Team, which is known for its cinematic expertise and brilliance. Additionally, Md. Sujon was the skilled cinematographer behind the camera while Bappi took responsibility for the editing and color grading, and Nadia took charge of graphic design. The song is under the label of the popular musical platform Eagle Music, and its various elements combined persuasively to produce a work of art.

Hate Kori Joton Kore is a song that takes grasp of the listener’s heart, with its touching tune, amazing vocals, and unforgettable lyrics. Mahmudul Hasan Romance sets the tone with his superb singing, bringing forth emotions that are further magnified by The Tune Curry’s bright and passionate music rearrangement. The poignant lyrics were penned by Dhiman Rahman, while Rajib Ghosh’s compelling guitar playing brings an added dimension to the song. The notable starring roles were played by Ashraf Ahmed, Ghaus Khan, and Lamia, and their performances were beautifully captured by Md. Sujon’s cinematography. Eagle Team’s story and direction were also instrumental in bringing the song’s narrative to life on-screen. Additionally, Bappi’s editing and color grading effectively establish the mood, while Nadia’s graphic design was eye-catching and a fitting visual presentation. The Eagle Music label has become synonymous with producing captivating musical compositions, and Hate Kori Joton Kore is no exception.

Song Credits

  • Song: Hate Kori Joton Kore
  • Singer: Mahmudul Hasan Romance
  • Lyrics: Dhiman Rahman
  • Tune: The Tune Curry
  • Guitar: Rajib Ghosh
  • Music Rearrangement: Ankur Mahmud
  • Band: The Tune Curry
  • Starring: Ashraf Ahmed, Ghaus Khan, Lamia

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