Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p- Lal Sari, a Bengali language film from Bangladesh, graces the screens in 2023. Bonding faith, a mesmerizing creation directed by Joy and produced by Malu, takes center stage. The captivating performance of Malu faith Oh Simon Sadiq in the lead role adds depth to the film. Emon Saha skillfully conducts the enchanting music that resonates throughout. The remarkable cinematography and editing by Jutat and Ekramul Hawk bring the story to life. Weaver, supported by government grants, weaves a tale that captures hearts. Audiences eagerly embraced the film as it premiered in theaters on June 29, leaving them spellbound. Here know about Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Download in 720p, 480p, 1080p.

Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Download

Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Details

Movie NameLal Sari
DirectorBonding faith
ProducerApu – Joy movie
ScreenwriterBonding faith
KahinikarTanvir Ahmed Sidney
StarringMalu faith, Simon Sadiq
ComposerEmon Saha
PhotographerWorld-based Dutt
EditorEkramul Hawk
Release29 June 2023
Length129 minutes

Bonding faith is a captivating film directed by Bonding faith and produced by Apu – Joy movie. The screenplay for this remarkable movie was written by Tanvir Ahmed Sidney. The film features an outstanding cast, with Malu faith and Simon Sadiq taking on the lead roles. The mesmerizing music composition is credited to Emon Saha, while World-based Dutt captures stunning visuals as the photographer. The skilled editing by Ekramul Hawk adds depth and coherence to the film. Expression serves as the distributor, ensuring its widespread reach. On June 29, 2023, this cinematic masterpiece was released, delighting audiences with its 129 minutes of captivating storytelling. Hailing from Bangladesh, the film is presented in the beautiful Bangla language, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Download Cast

NumberCast Members
1Malu faith
2Simon Sadiq
3Sumit Sengupta
4Dilruba Doyle
5Shahed Ali
6Mahmoud Islam Mithu
8Rebecca Rauf
9Gulshan Ara Poppy

The film boasts an exceptional ensemble cast, each member bringing their unique talent to the screen. Malu faith delivers a captivating performance, while Simon Sadiq adds depth and charisma to the story. Sumit Sengupta and Dilruba Doyle contribute their versatile acting skills, enriching the narrative. Shahed Ali, Mahmoud Islam Mithu, and Subrat bring their own distinct flavors to the ensemble, infusing the film with their talents. Rebecca Rauf and Gulshan Ara Poppy leave a lasting impression with their memorable portrayals. Together, this remarkable cast creates a mesmerizing cinematic experience, captivating audiences with their stellar performances.

Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie Release Date

On June 29, 2023, the highly anticipated film made its grand debut across 12 theaters throughout Bangladesh. Cinemagoers eagerly flocked to witness the magic unfold on the big screen. The release of this captivating film marked a momentous occasion in the country’s cinema landscape, offering audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in its enchanting narrative. From the bustling city theaters to the charming cinema houses in rural areas, the film’s release captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers across the nation, leaving a lasting impression on the cinematic landscape of Bangladesh.

Download Lal Sari (লাল শাড়ি) Bangla Movie in 720p, 480p, 1080p

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