Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bangla Movie Download in 720p, 1080p, 480p- Prohelika stands as a remarkable Bangladeshi masterpiece, where the visionary director Bangla। Panth Shahria weaves an engaging narrative, crafting the story, dialogue, and screenplay with finesse. A notable highlight of this film is the long-awaited return of the talented actor Mahfuz Ahmed to the silver screen after an eight-year hiatus. He shares the screen with the captivating Shabnam Bubli, delivering stellar performances that leave a lasting impact. Notably, this marks Chainika Chowdhury’s second directorial venture, showcasing her evolving directorial prowess. The film mesmerizes viewers with its stunning cinematography by Sumon Hosen and seamless editing by Ramzan Ali. Complementing the visuals, the soulful music composed by Emon Saha adds an enchanting touch to the overall experience. Here know about how to download Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bangla Movie in in 720p, 1080p, 480p.

Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bangla Movie Download

Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bangla Movie Details

Movie NameProhelika
DirectorChainika Chowdhury
ProducerJamal Hosen
ScreenwriterPanth Shahria
KahinikarPanth Shahria
CastMahfuz Ahmed, Shabnam Bubli
ComposerEmon Saha
PhotographerSumon Hosen
EditorRamzan Ali
Production CompanyRonjan Music, Royal Tiger
DistributorJazz Multimedia
Release Date29 June 2023

Chainika Chowdhury takes the helm as the director of the upcoming Bangladeshi film, accompanied by producer Jamal Hosen, who ensures a smooth production process. The captivating screenplay of the film is penned by Panth Shahria, who also serves as the talented screenwriter. Panth Shahria’s unique storytelling unfolds, promising an enthralling experience for the audience. In the leading roles, we have the immensely talented Mahfuz Ahmed and the enchanting Shabnam Bubli, who bring their characters to life with remarkable performances. Emon Saha, the gifted composer, weaves a mesmerizing musical backdrop that enhances the overall atmosphere. Sumon Hosen, the skilled photographer, captures the visual essence of the film, while Ramzan Ali skillfully edits the footage, ensuring a seamless final product. Produced under the banners of Ronjan Music and Royal Tiger, the film finds its way to the audience through the distribution efforts of Jazz Multimedia. Set to release on 29th June 2023, this captivating film proudly represents the rich cinematic heritage of Bangladesh, with Bangla being the language of choice.

Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bengali Movie Cast Details

Prohelika Cast
1Mahfuz Ahmed
2Shabnam Bubli
3Nasi’s Yardin Khan
4Rashid Mamun Malu
5AK Azad Bridge
6Mercy Ulmah
7Sabiha Jaman

The cast of the film boasts a talented ensemble, bringing their skills and charisma to the screen. Mahfuz Ahmed leads the pack, delivering a captivating performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Joining him is the enchanting Shabnam Bubli, whose talent shines through in every scene. Nasi’s Yardin Khan, Rashid Mamun Malu, AK Azad Bridge, Mercy Ulmah, and Sabiha Jaman also grace the film with their presence, each bringing their unique talents to the table. Together, this remarkable cast creates a dynamic and engaging on-screen presence, elevating the storytelling and ensuring a memorable cinematic experience.

Prohelika Movie Release Date

On the highly anticipated date of June 29, 2023, the film made its grand debut across multiple branches of Star Cineplex, captivating audiences in various locations. With its wide release, the film graced the screens of five Star Cineplex branches, including Chittagong, offering a total of eight halls for moviegoers to enjoy. Notably, the film found its place on the prestigious Silver Screen of Blockbuster Cinemas, as well as the esteemed Lion Cinemas, further expanding its reach and appeal in Chittagong. This widespread distribution showcased the film’s popularity and provided ample opportunities for viewers to immerse themselves in its captivating story.

Download Prohelika (প্রহেলিকা) Bangla Movie in 1080p. 480p, 720p

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