Solo 2023 Canadian Movie Download in 720p, 1080p, Bluray- Solo, an upcoming Canadian drama film helmed by the talented Sophie Dupuis, is set to captivate audiences in 2023. Théodore Pellerin takes center stage as Simon, a burgeoning drag queen making waves in Montreal. Simon’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself entangled in a fervent and intricate romance with Olivier (portrayed by Félix Maritaud), while also grappling with the emotional complexities of reuniting with his long-lost mother, Claire (played by Anne-Marie Cadieux). Claire’s departure from Canada 15 years ago, driven by her aspirations as an opera singer, adds a compelling layer to their dynamic. Get ready for a unique tale that explores love, self-discovery, and the enduring bonds that transcend time. Mark your calendars for an exciting cinematic event, as the highly anticipated film is set to captivate audiences when it hits theaters worldwide in September 2023. Here know how to download Solo 2023 Canadian Movie.

Solo 2023 Canadian Movie Details

Directed bySophie Dupuis
Written bySophie Dupuis
Produced byÉtienne Hansez
StarringThéodore Pellerin
Félix Maritaud
Anne-Marie Cadieux
CinematographyMathieu Laverdière
Edited byMarie-Pier Dupuis
Dominique Fortin
Maxim Rheault
Music byCharles Lavoie
ProductionBravo Charlie
Distributed byAxia Films
Release dateSeptember 15, 2023
Running time102 minutes

“Solo,” a captivating Canadian drama film, is a creative masterpiece directed and written by Sophie Dupuis. Produced by Étienne Hansez under the Bravo Charlie production company, the film features a stellar cast including Théodore Pellerin, Félix Maritaud, and Anne-Marie Cadieux. The stunning cinematography by Mathieu Laverdière, coupled with the skillful editing by Marie-Pier Dupuis, Dominique Fortin, and Maxim Rheault, elevates the visual experience. Adding depth and emotion to the story is the mesmerizing music composed by Charles Lavoie. Distributed by Axia Films, “Solo” is set to make its mark on September 15, 2023, with a runtime of 102 minutes. Set against the backdrop of Canada, the film is presented in the French language, immersing audiences in an evocative and unforgettable cinematic journey.

Solo 2023 Canadian Movie Cast

In addition to the talented ensemble mentioned earlier, “Solo” boasts an exceptional cast that includes Jean Marchand, Vlad Alexis, Tommy Joubert, Alice Moreault, and Marc-André Leclair. The film’s captivating soundtrack features a diverse range of musical talents that enhance the viewing experience. With tracks by iconic artists such as ABBA, Chaka Khan, Marie Davidson, CRi, Donna Summer, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the film’s soundtrack creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. It also showcases the soulful sounds of Dominique Fils-Aimé, the enchanting melodies of Alma Faye Brooks, and the harmonious collaboration of Filippin & Runah. Adding to the eclectic mix, the soundtrack includes the captivating tunes of Mitsou. Together, the stellar cast and extraordinary music make “Solo” a truly unforgettable cinematic masterpiece.

1. Jean Marchand
2. Vlad Alexis
3. Tommy Joubert
4. Alice Moreault
5. Marc-André Leclair

Solo 2023 Canadian Movie in 480p, 720p, 1080p

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Q: When is the release date for the film “Solo”?
A: “Solo” is scheduled for commercial release in September 2023.

Q: Who is the director of “Solo”?
A: “Solo” is directed by Sophie Dupuis.

Q: Can you tell me about the cast of “Solo”?
A: The film features a talented cast including Théodore Pellerin, Félix Maritaud, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Jean Marchand, Vlad Alexis, Tommy Joubert, Alice Moreault, and Marc-André Leclair.

Q: What language is spoken in the film “Solo”?
A: “Solo” is presented in French, offering an immersive experience for the audience.

Q: Which production company is behind “Solo”?
A: “Solo” is produced by Bravo Charlie.

Q: Who is responsible for the cinematography in “Solo”?
A: Mathieu Laverdière is the cinematographer for the film.

Q: Are there any notable songs in the soundtrack of “Solo”?
A: Yes, the soundtrack of “Solo” features an incredible lineup of artists including ABBA, Chaka Khan, Marie Davidson, CRi, Donna Summer, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Alma Faye Brooks, Filippin & Runah, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Mitsou.

Q: What is the running time of “Solo”?
A: The film has a runtime of 102 minutes.

Q: Which company is distributing “Solo”?
A: “Solo” is distributed by Axia Films.

Q: Is “Solo” a Canadian production?
A: Yes, “Solo” is a Canadian film, showcasing the talent and creativity of the Canadian film industry.

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