Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie Download in 1080p. 480p, 720p- Unveiling its brilliance on June 29, 2023, Surongo emerges as a remarkable Bengali motion picture, serving as a testament to the extraordinary directorial skills of Rayhan Rafi. Within this cinematic gem, the gifted Afran Nishor takes center stage, bewitching viewers with a mesmerizing performance that marks a propitious commencement on the illustrious silver screen. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Nishor is the exceptionally talented Tama Mirza, whose impeccable acting prowess harmoniously complements the overall spectacle. As it graces the theaters, Surongo ensnares the audience in a captivating realm of storytelling, leaving an indelible imprint of unforgettable moments. Here know about Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie Download in 1080p. 480p, 720p.

Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie Details

Movie NameSurongo
DirectorRayhan Rafi
ProducerShaharia Shakil
Radwan Ronnie
Main CastAfran Nisho
Tama Mirza
PhotographerSumon Government
EditorSumit Judgment Interval
Production CompanyAlpha I
Release29 June 2023
Length150 minutes

Surongo, a Bengali film directed by Rayhan Rafi and produced by Shaharia Shakil and Radwan Ronnie, captivates audiences with its stellar cast and meticulous production. Afran Nisho delivers a standout performance, accompanied by the talented Tama Mirza, as they bring the story to life on the silver screen. The film’s stunning visuals are captured by Sumon Government, the renowned photographer, while Sumit Judgment Interval skillfully edits the footage to create a seamless and engaging viewing experience. Produced by Alpha I and Charki, Surongo is a testament to the thriving film industry in Bangladesh. Set to release on 29th June 2023, this cinematic masterpiece runs for 150 minutes, showcasing the rich culture and language of the country.

Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie Download Cast Details

No.Cast Member
1Afran Nisho
2Tama Mirza
3Sanjat Hassan Tuhin
4Nusrat Faria
5Shahiduzjaman Selim
6Mostafa Monwar

The movie “Surongo” boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings depth and authenticity to its captivating story. Afran Nisho shines in his role, displaying remarkable acting prowess that captivates viewers and leaves a lasting impression. Tama Mirza delivers a compelling performance, showcasing her versatility and ability to seamlessly portray complex emotions. Sanjat Hassan Tuhin brings his own charm and charisma to the screen, infusing the film with his unique presence. Nusrat Faria exhibits her talent, adding depth and dimension to her character. Shahiduzjaman Selim and Mostafa Monwar round out the cast, lending their experience and skill to create a cohesive and memorable cinematic experience. Together, this talented cast elevates “Surongo” to new heights, immersing audiences in a world of captivating storytelling and unforgettable performances.

Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie Release Date

The anticipation for the film reached a crescendo when its captivating teaser was unveiled on May 10, 2023, generating excitement among eager audiences. Finally, on June 29, the much-awaited release took place, as “Surongo” graced a total of 26 movie halls across Bangladesh, enveloping cinemagoers in its spellbinding narrative. Adding to the buzz, rumors circulated that the film would also make its way to West Bengal, India, under the banner of Mr. Venctesh Films, further fueling the anticipation among fans. Confirming the speculation, Mr. Venctesh Films officially announced on June 23 that “Surongo” would indeed be released in West Bengal. Building on the film’s growing international presence, Bioscope Films had already secured the rights to distribute the movie in North America back in March 2023, setting the stage for its global reach.

Download Surongo (সুড়ঙ্গ) Bangla Movie in 1080p. 480p, 720p

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