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harale kothay lyrics

Harale Kothay Song Lyrics (হারালে কোথায়) Habib Wahid

Harale Kothay Song Lyrics (হারালে কোথায়) is a newly released masterpiece from Habib Wahid. Vocal, Tune and Music all of these are given by Habib Wahid himslef. Actors of this sad music are Habib Wahid And Mashiyat Mash. Music Composed by Habib Wahid. Harale Kothay Dur Ojanay Lyrics In Bengali is Written by Goonjohn Rahman. … Read more

Shitol Sporsho Lyrics

Shitol Sporsho Lyrics (শীতল স্পর্শ) Habib Wahid

Shitol Sporsho Lyrics (শীতল স্পর্শ) is a new song sung by Habib Wahid. Lyricist of the song is Ali Baker Zico. Syed Tamim is the guitarist. Music composer is Habib Wahid himself. Download Shitol Sporsho mp3 song Lyrics (শীতল স্পর্শ) in Bangla and English Font. Song Credits Song : Shitol Sporsho Vocal, Music & Tune … Read more

Bondhu Rey Lyrics habib wahid

Bondhu Rey Lyrics (বন্ধু রে) Habib Wahid Song

Bondhu Rey Song Lyrics Is Sung by Habib Wahid. Amare Chaira Gela Bondhu Re Lyrics In Bengali Written by Ali Baker Zico. HW Productions is the producer of the song. Download Habib Wahid Bondhu Re Mp3 Song Lyrics in Bangla and English Font. Song : Bondhu ReyVocal, Tune & Music : Habib WahidLyrics : Ali Baker ZicoProducer … Read more