Gaja 3 Lyrics (গাঁজা ৩ লিরিক্স) in Bengali by Jesan Ovi

Gaja 3 Lyrics Jesan Ovi

Gaja 3 Lyrics (গাঁজা ৩ লিরিক্স) is a new song sung by Jesan Ovi, A Brilliant Singer From Bangladesh. Every Gaja song becomes quite hit in and around Bangladesh. This particulare song is written by Jesan Ovi himself. Stormz Vai is the mixer of the song. Cover Design is done by st Hridoy. Download Gaja … Read more

Bohudure Lyrics (বহুদূরে লিরিক্স) Jesan Ovi

Bohudure Lyrics jesan ovi

Bohudure Lyrics (বহুদূরে লিরিক্স) is by Jesan Ovi. Sad song lyrics is written by Jesan Ovi himself. Poster Design : Ayash khan. Bohu Dure Thaki go mp3 song lyrics download by Jesan Ovi. Bohudure Song Lyrics Credits song name : Bohudur (বহুদূর)singer : Jesan Ovilyrics : Jesan Ovitune : Jesan OviMusic : Ayash khanMixing: Ayash … Read more

Gaja 4 Song Lyrics (গাজা ৪) by Jesan Ovi

Gaja 4 Lyrics Jesan Ovi

Gaja 4 Song Lyrics (গাজা ৪) is a new Gaja song by Jesan Ovi. Lyrics and tune by Jesan Ovi himself. Stromz Vai is the mixer of the song. Download Gaja 4 mp3 Song Lyrics (গাজা ৪) in Bangla and English Font. To See the complete Gaja Series Click Here: Jesan Ovi Gaja Series Song … Read more

Sorbonashi Lyrics (সর্বনাশী) Jesan Ovi

Sorbonashi Lyrics (সর্বনাশী) song is sung by Jesan Ovi. Jesan Ovi himself is lyricist and tunist. Mixing by stormz vai. Download Sorbonashi mp3 song Lyrics (সর্বনাশী) in Bengali and English Font. Song Credits Song Name : Sorbonashi (সর্বনাশী) singer : Jesan Ovi lyrics tune : Jesan Ovi Mixing: Stromz Vai Cover design : SK Vaii … Read more

Gaja Lyrics (গাঁজা লিরিক্স) by Jesan Ovi in Bengali

Gaja Lyrics Jesan Ovi

Gaja Lyrics (গাঁজা লিরিক্স) is a Gaja Song sung by Jesan Ovi. Mixing is done by Stormz Vai. This Gaza song is quite popular and has many parts. All the Gaja song lyrics can be enjoyed from here. Download Gaja mp3 song Lyrics (গাঁজা লিরিক্স) in Bangla and English font. Song Credits song name : … Read more

Golpo Bangla Lyrics ( গল্প ) Jesan Ovi

Golpo Lyrics Jesan Ovi

Golpo Bangla Lyrics ( গল্প ) is a new Jesan Ovi Bangla Official Song. Golpo Bangla lyrics Jesan Ovi. Golpo Song by Jesan Ovi Bangla Lyrics. Golpo by Jesan Ovi new bangla mp3 song Bangla Lyrics. Download Golpo mp3 song lyrics by Jesan Ovi in Bangla and English Font. Golpo Lyrics Credits Song Details:Song: Golpo ( গল্প )Singer: Jesan OviLyric: Jesan OviTune: Jesan OviMixing: Stromz Vai Golpo … Read more