Tumi Robe Nirobe” is a beautiful song composed by the legendary poet and songwriter Rabindranath Tagore. Sanam Puri’s rendition of this classic piece adds a contemporary touch to its timeless melody. Samar Puri’s guitar and Venky S’s bass perfectly complement Sanam Puri’s vocals, creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere. Keshav Dhanraj’s skillful use of the cajon adds depth and texture to the rhythm of the song. Overall, “Tumi Robe Nirobe” is a masterpiece that showcases the beauty of Tagore’s poetry and the talent of the musicians who bring it to life. It is a song that has stood the test of time and continues to enchant music lovers with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody.

Song Credits

Song Name- Tumi Robe Nirobe (তুমি রবে নীরবে)
Vocals – Sanam Puri
Lyricist- Rabindranath Tagore
Guitars – Samar Puri
Bass – Venky S
Cajon – Keshav Dhanraj

তুমি রবে নীরবে হৃদয়ে মম লিরিক্স

তুমি রবে নীরবে, হৃদয়ে মম
তুমি রবে নীরবে
নিবিড় নিভৃত পূর্ণিমা নিশীথিনী-সম
তুমি রবে নীরবে, হৃদয়ে মম
তুমি রবে নীরবে।

মম জীবন যৌবন, মম অখিল ভুবন
তুমি ভরিবে গৌরবে নিশীথিনী-সম
তুমি রবে নীরবে, হৃদয়ে মম
তুমি রবে নীরবে।

জাগিবে একাকী, তব করুণ আঁখি
তব অঞ্চল-ছায়া মোরে রহিবে ঢাকি
মম দুঃখ-বেদন মম সফল-স্বপন
মম দুঃখ-বেদন মম সফল-স্বপন
তুমি ভরিবে সৌরভে, নিশীথিনী-সম।
তুমি রবে নীরবে, হৃদয়ে মম
তুমি রবে নীরবে,
নিবিড় নিভৃত পূর্ণিমা নিশীথিনী-সম
তুমি রবে নীরবে, হৃদয়ে মম
তুমি রবে নীরবে।

Tumi Robe Nirobe Lyrics

Tumi Robe Nirobe Hridoye Momo
Tumi Robe Nirobe
Nibiro nibhrito purnima nishithini shomo
Tumi Robe Nirabe Hridoye Mamo
Momo jibono joubono
Momo okhilo bhubono
Tumi bhoribe gourobe nishithini shomo
Jagibe ekaki tobo karuno aankhi
Tobo oncholo chaya more rohibe dhaaki
Momo dukkho-bedono
Momo shofolo shopono
Tumi bhoribe shourobe nishithini shomo


Q: Who wrote the lyrics for “Tumi Robe Nirobe”?

A: The lyrics for “Tumi Robe Nirobe” were written by Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali poet, writer, and musician.

Q: What is the meaning of “Tumi Robe Nirobe”?

A: “Tumi Robe Nirobe” is a Bengali song that translates to “You will remain silent and still.” The lyrics express a sense of longing and melancholy, with the speaker addressing a loved one who is no longer present.

Q: When was “Tumi Robe Nirobe” written?

A: “Tumi Robe Nirobe” was written by Rabindranath Tagore in the early 20th century, as part of his collection of poems and songs called “Gitabitan.”

Q: Who has sung “Tumi Robe Nirobe”?

A: “Tumi Robe Nirobe” has been sung by many artists over the years, including Sanam Puri, who performed a cover of the song in 2017. However, the song is most closely associated with the legendary Indian singer and musician Kishore Kumar, who recorded several versions of it throughout his career.

Q: What is the significance of “Tumi Robe Nirobe” in Bengali culture?

A: “Tumi Robe Nirobe” is considered to be one of the most iconic and beloved songs in Bengali culture, with its haunting melody and poetic lyrics capturing the essence of the Bengali language and sensibility. It is often played at cultural events and weddings, and is widely recognized as a masterpiece of Bengali music.

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