Waktu Maghrib Movie Download & Watch Online Flimyzilla, 720p, 1080p- Waktu Maghrib, a spine-chilling Indonesian film of 2023, helmed by the talented Sidharta Tata, marks his remarkable directorial debut on the grand stage. Produced by the renowned Neat Films and Sky Media, this cinematic masterpiece graced Indonesian theaters on February 9, 2023, boasting a stellar cast including the sensational Ali Fikry, the enchanting Milky Sena, the captivating Nafiza Fatia Rani, and the remarkable Aulia Sarah. Here Waktu Maghrib Movie Download & Watch Online in 720p, 1080p, Flimyzilla and 480p.

Waktu Maghrib Movie Details

DirectorSidharta Tata
ProducerGope T. Samtani
Written byAgasyah Karim
Khalid Kashogi
Bayu Kurnia
Sidharta Tata
CastAli Fikry
Milky Sena
Nafiza Fatia Rani
Aulia Sarah
MusicianDawn of Eternal
CinematographerBausad Ujel
EditorGreg Arya
Production CompanyNeat Films
Sky Media
Release dateFebruary 9, 2023 (Indonesia)
March 2, 2023 (Malaysia, Singapore)
Duration104 minutes
LanguageJava, Indonesia

Waktu Maghrib is a captivating Indonesian film directed by Sidharta Tata and produced by Gope T. Samtani. The script was skillfully written by Agasyah Karim, Khalid Kashogi, Bayu Kurnia, and Sidharta Tata himself. The movie features a talented cast, including Ali Fikry, Milky Sena, Nafiza Fatia Rani, and Aulia Sarah, who deliver remarkable performances. The hauntingly beautiful music for the film is composed by Dawn of Eternal, while the stunning cinematography is the work of Bausad Ujel. Greg Arya, the editor, ensures a seamless flow of the narrative. Waktu Maghrib is a production of Neat Films and Sky Media and was released in Indonesia on February 9, 2023, with subsequent releases in Malaysia and Singapore on March 2, 2023. The film has a runtime of 104 minutes and showcases the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, with dialogues primarily in Java and Indonesian languages.

Waktu Maghrib Movie Download Cast

Ali FikryAdi
Milky SenaSaman
Nafiza Fatia RaniAyu
Andri MashadiKarta
Malvin JJSmall Karta
Aulia SarahSri Woro Hadisono / Bu Woro
Taskya NamyaNingsih
Sadana the GreatHansip
Muhammad AbbeLurah
Sulis KusumaMrs. Lurah
NasariusMarto (Ayu’s father)
Bambang PaningronUstadz
Bebe GraciaWati
Kevin AbaniSamiun
RiyantoKasan (Adi’s father)
Heru PrasetyoJin Ummu
Evan PutraDrujat

“Waktu Maghrib” features a talented ensemble cast that brings the story to life. Ali Fikry delivers a compelling performance as Adi, while Milky Sena captivates as Saman. Nafiza Fatia Rani portrays the character of Ayu with depth and emotion, and Andri Mashadi shines as Karta. Malvin JJ impresses in the role of Small Karta, showcasing his talent. Aulia Sarah masterfully takes on the dual role of Sri Woro Hadisono and Bu Woro, showcasing her versatility. Taskya Namya brings Ningsih to life with her skillful portrayal, and Sadana the Great adds a memorable touch as Hansip. Muhammad Abbe portrays the character of Lurah with conviction, while Sulis Kusuma shines as Mrs. Lurah. Nasarius delivers a powerful performance as Marto, Ayu’s father. The film also features notable performances by Bambang Paningron as Ustadz, Bebe Gracia as Wati, Kevin Abani as Samiun, Riyanto as Kasan (Adi’s father), Heru Prasetyo as Jin Ummu, and Evan Putra as Drujat. Together, this talented cast brings depth and authenticity to “Waktu Maghrib,” enhancing the film’s impact and storytelling.

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