Gerard Pique is suffering after split from Shakira- Is It True? 

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed that Gerard Pique is'suffering'

as a result of his divorce from Shakira, but has backed the defender wholeheartedly.

After 11 years together, Pique and the Colombian singer announced their separation last month.

According to reports in Spain, Pique was to fault for the breakup,

claiming that he had strayed from the pop sensation.

"Pique is suffering. As much as we imagine, we have in our imagination players with fame, 

money and everything we like, but they are people and Pique is a great person.

He is one of the captains, he is lucky, 

and he has given a lot and he has to give us a lot," Laporta said.

"I am lucky to know him and to have treated him as a person.

It is a extraordinary person who is suffering. And we have to help him.

I will be the first to give him the love he deserves."